Well-being Workshops

For You

With access to so much information on nutrition, health and well-being these days, it’s not surprising that the messages can appear confusing, conflicting or blurred.

Interestingly, for decades the science has been much more consistent than the media lens on that science.

My workshops will provide you with information and skills to make informed decisions about:

  • The foundations of healthy eating – what does good nutritionreally look like
  • making sense of the nutrition messages
  • Maintaining a healthy lifestyle when our environment doesn’t support this
  • The importance of activity for our wellbeing
  • making sustainable lifestyle changes
  • achieving and maintaining a healthy weight

Please get in touch to discuss how I can support you sharon@wakeupwellbeing.co.uk

For your organisation

I offer bespoke wellbeing workshops to support your employees’ and your organisation’s wellbeing. I believe in listening and responding to employees’ individual needs within the context of an organisation’s aims and strategy to provide an effective approach.

Please get in touch to discuss further sharon@wakeupwellbeing.co.uk


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