How do I start a Plogging Group?

Plogging has been in the news a lot lately. Setting up a group can be quite easy, but do always be prepared to go plogging on your own, especially at the beginning. Here are some tips:

  • you’ll need gloves, bags and possibly a litter picker
  • first find out about local groups in your area, such as running groups, litter picking groups and ‘friends of’ groups associated with particular parks or areas
  • contact your local council and waste company – chances are they will be able to provide bags and litter pickers for community initiatives
  • don’t over think it, decide when you’re going to go plogging, and ask a friend or two to join you, set the date, and go!
  • spread the word – advertise it in local groups on social media
  • make it inclusive – invite people to walk, jog or run, you can set off at your own pace rather than all sticking together, and regroup at the end at an agreed time
  • next thing you know, you’ll be making a fantastic contribution to your local area, and improving your own well-being too
  • persevere and watch it grow
  • you might eventually want to think about setting up a Facebook page and/or Instagram account to promote the concept and the events, or share what you’ve done with other groups

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