Beach cleans, plogging and litter picks

We can’t litter pick our way out of the plastic pollution crisis. We need sustainable change at source – to stop the manufacturing and production of plastic throughout supply chains, globally.


So does litter picking make a difference? YES, without a doubt!


I’m sure you’ve seen the heartbreaking photos of creatures with some sort of waste or rubbish harming their very existence. Well usually it’s JUST ONE PIECE of rubbish that is causing the problem – a bag, a net, a plastic tie, a plastic ring etc. So for each and every piece that we collect, we are taking that out of the natural environment and decreasing the risk of harm.


It’s also something immediate that we can do with a tangible outcome – it’s gratifying to see what you’ve collected. This in itself is good for our all-round well-being. Instead of feeling helpless and overwhelmed, we can take immediate action to make a difference. So it’s good for the planet, all its inhabitant and us. So don’t ever think you’re not making a difference – because you are!


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