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I have lots of cookery books! Recently I’ve been perusing them more than usual and finding lots of inspiration in there, plus things I haven’t made for a long time. I’m enjoying it. While I don’t always follow recipes to the letter, I find they are a brilliant guide and a platform to develop creativity and explore new food territory. Usually if I’m making something for the first time, I stick to the recipe. Next time, I adapt depending on my taste preferences, plus changes I might want to make to the nutritional composition or taste, for example reducing salt or increasing spice and garlic! More often these days, I use the internet to find great recipes. There’s so much out there. Here is a selection of my favourite websites at the moment. Enjoy.

Vegan Richa
The Minimalist Vegan
Jamie Oliver
Olive Magazine
Good Housekeeping
The Guardian – a selection
All Recipes

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  1. Awesome website!

    Thanks for your work!

    I love vegans!

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