My weekend #vegan #lowwaste #lowcarbonfootprint #recipe – Zeviostrone

I made a fantastic Zeviostrone last night. I found it in my ‘What Vegans Eat’ recipe book by Brett Cobley. The book was a birthday present and I know I’ll be using it a lot. You can find the recipe on the Epivegan website here

It’s absolutely delicious and very straight forward to make. I doubled up the recipe and as I was making extra I didn’t add the vegan pesto to the pan, but instead will add it to the bowl when I’m ready to eat it.

So why did I choose this recipe? Well it’s vegan, and completely balanced with a range of vegetables and two types of pulses. It could easily be adapted to be gluten free, in fact next time I make it I’ll bee adding potatoes instead of pasta to see how that turn out.

It’s also very low waste. I bought the vegetables without packaging. Using dried pulses next time will take more planning but will further reduce waste associated with the dish. It’s excellent value for money as all the ingredients are affordable and readily available. Enjoy!

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