So you want to eat less meat?

For a variety of reasons, there is a general trend to reduce consumption of animal products. Whether it’s for the environment, health or concerns about animal welfare, the direction of travel is towards eating more plants and less animals.

While we certainly can’t claim that all vegetarian or vegan diets are healthier than all types of omnivorous diet, it is clear that, in general and as a whole, lowering the animal product consumption of the average member of a high-income country would be beneficial to their personal health.

So if you are trying to eat less meat, you’re certainly not on your own.

The Vegetarian Society have useful guide for people starting out here, and even if you’re not planning to go completely vegetarian, this is a great resource to refer to.

Friends of the Earth has outlined 10 ways to eat less meat including expanding your veggie recipe repertoire. This is a first step to exploring the amazing world of meat-free recipes, and what better place to start than with a range of Vegetarian recipes from around the world from Delicious Magazine. I would advise choosing two or three simple recipes initially, recipes that appeal to you and your family and then shop for any ingredients you might need. This means you’re actually doing some meal planning which will make the whole process easier. 

Also, tell people what you’re doing, you’ll probably find that many other people are thinking along the same lines. Having people to support and share the journey will help to make the whole thing easier.

Finally – enjoy! Once you start exploring the amazing world of vegetarian/meat-free/less meat living, the only thing you’ll wonder is why you didn’t do it sooner.

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