Here’s to 2018 -What will you do for your wellbeing? #NYE2017

I’m taking some time to reflect on 2017 and on balance, what a wonderful year it has been. Tomorrow it will be 2018, and we know what that means, in January at least. New Year Resolutions galore – many of them focusing on our physical appearance and health. The diet industry is at its busiest, and people get a lot more active. I’m hoping that in 2018 people will take a longer range view of their well-being, and look broader than the physical.

If you are planning a calorie contolled plan in January 2018 or a new activity plan, that’s great – my main advice would be to choose something that you can sustain beyond the month of January. Think longer-range, think permanent, think about making lifestyle changes that you can stick with so that when February arrives, you’re still on track, more than ever.

More than anything, enjoy the whole process, stay optimistic, and get advice from people who know their stuff. Also remember that there is an ebb and flow with any change process, and that not quite sticking to what you’ve planned is normal, your best response to it is probably to accept it and certainly don’t feel defeated.

One of the best things I have done this year for my own well-being is to start volunteering at a charity – Fareshare. I’ve always been interested in food (of course) and with that my awareness of our food waste problem has grown through the years. I’ve also wanted to give some of my time for quite a while so Fareshare seemed like the ideal charity to offer my time to. What I hadn’t expected, though, was how much I would enjoy every moment there. Mainly because of all the wonderful people. Volunteering at Fareshare has been so good for me – such a great unexpected outcome. I’m looking forward to spending more time there in 2018.


Well that’s all from me in 2017, wishing you all the very best in 2018.


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