Could it be time for you to make your new contribution? 

We know that making a contribution is good for our wellbeing, and of course is good for your chosen cause. This year I started volunteering for Fareshare, the amazing charity that tackles food waste and poverty. Food waste is something very close to my heart and every moment there has been great. What has been most enjoyable, apart from feeling that I’m making a difference, is meeting and getting to know all the wonderful people who work there – giving their time and enthusiasm on a regular basis. I feel amongst friends. The only mystery is why I didn’t do it earlier. Could it be time for you to make your new contribution? With so many charities out there, you’re probably spoilt for choice…

More information about my chosen charity, Fareshare, can be found here

If you’re struggling to choose a cause or a charity, it’s worth taking some time to think about what gets your heart racing, what you’re frustrated about in the world, what you spend your time wishing you could change, what you’re concerned about. The answers are all within. Take some time to listen.



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