Sharon Sexton
BSc Nutrition and Dietetics
MSc Strategic Management
Registered Dietitian

My passion is to increase awareness of good nutrition and well-being and to support people and organisations to achieve this in a sustainable way. Importantly, my work is underpinned by sound scientific principles.  I think it’s fair to describe my approach to life as optimistic, enthusiastic and dedicated.

Throughout my 22 year career as a nutritionist and State Registered Dietitian I have been inspired to focus on the well-being of people from all different walks of life, working in a range of environments. I have a passion for delivering fun, interactive and energising workshops in a group setting, either in person or online, empowering participants to leave feeling able to apply their learning on a day to day basis.

My Masters in Strategic Management has fuelled my interest and knowledge of the links between well-being and employee engagement. I offer a range of workshops to support your organisation to offer the best well-being opportunities for your employees.

To discuss how I might be able to make a difference to your life or your organisation, drop me an email here.

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